The CELLfie Academy

Your cell phone is a powerful business tool- you can use it to grow your business…you can use the camera to grow your personal brand or capture photos of things and people you love. When you want people to get to know you, you need to show up consistently but not all of us have access or the budget to hire a professional photographer every month for content! 

This is where the Cellfie Academy comes in. As a photographer for a decade-plus, I know a thing or two about a thing or two and I have created this training to give you the ability to build your audience, your blog, your brand…all with just your smartphone and some super simple to implement tips. The Cellfie Academy is for YOU if you:

  • currently take selfies that look like you live in a dungeon.
  • currently post photos to your social media that look like your golden retriever took it.
  • would love to know how to edit your photos outside of the internal Instagram editor.
  • would love to learn a few techniques that will give you a better understanding of kick-ass phone photography.