Personal Branding Shoot in IKEA

SOOOO I did a thing.

Last year I recruited one of my many photogenic friends, Brittany and we hightailed it to IKEA with just my 6D and my 50mm hidden in my purse.

We weren’t going to buy any of that delightful Swedish furniture that we all love and adore, no. We were there on a mission.

A mission to see if I could pull off an entire personal branding mini session inside of IKEA without being thrown out.

Before you go and try to recreate this, know a few things:

  1. IKEA’S lighting is NOT as good as it seems in some of the rooms. Depending on the color of the furnishings, of course, you could have a warm or cool cast on your subject’s skin which you may have to fix in post depending on your editing style.

  2. There are SO MANY AMAZING staged rooms- obviously if you have been to IKEA you are aware that they have cute little bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms etc set up with their products to show you how it looks. THAT is where we shot.

  3. THEY PUT TAGS ON MOTHA FUCKIN’ EVERYTHING. Literally. So. Many. Tags. If you’re not good with editing it will take time to hide all of the tags (i mean there were even tags on things like pencil cups and art and EVERYTHING) be aware of your surroundings and seriously pay attention to the details because nothing ruins a photo like a fat IKEA tag.

  4. We bought props. Yes, we brought her real laptop to do some staged work shots. It was hilarious.

  5. No one asked us what we were doing or to leave but we were super sneaky and inconspicuous and none of the team members seemed to mind.

  6. Go during the week- trust me- IKEA is a zoo on the weekend and you won’t be able to get many shots at all.

Right when we came up the stairs there was this cute little outdoor set up.

You can see from this photo how the lighting is not always ideal everywhere- we found a white counter to throw her food down (she does meal prep) and utilized the under cabinet lighting.

Again with the uneven lighting but I loved how it turned out for these shots at a desk!

Anything to eat? Nah…because this is a model fridge. LOL 

Found this fun little spot in between kitchen and living room displays that was natural light so we had to laugh in the corner, duh.

Then we found this cute chair with a blank wall behind it and if you know me, you know I can NEVER resist a nice, blank wall! 

Then we found our dream kitchen- had to edit out 3,004 tags. 

SO MANY TAGS. But not as many tags as….

One of my favorite shots from the whole series but every single thing you see on that board had a goddamn tag on it. IKEA cut that shit out. 

And we ended our shoot with an adorably decorated room and pose. Cutie patootie.

So tell me what you think- would YOU shoot in IKEA for your brand?

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